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As well as being the very best at her job in television, Lynda Wood is a friend. I make no apology for this completely biased endorsement of the lady's talents.

Sir Terry Wogan

Lynda Wood has taken a tremendous amount of stress out of my TV work.  I know the sort of clothes I like to wear and how I like to look, but there is so much more to 'styling' - lovely word - than that.  Lynda listens, advises, researches and comes up with the goods - time after time.  With a smile or a shake of the head she steers me faultlessly in the right direction and I couldn't do wIthout her.  Confidence inspiring; that's what she is.

Alan Titchmarsh MBE

Image is an important part of my game. The suit, the shirt and the tie help me feel and look the part and hopefully make my viewers and guests feel theyre part of something special. However, having absolutely no dress sense makes achieving this without help impossible! Lynda Wood is that help and I wouldn't use anyone else.

Sir Michael Parkinson

Lynda represents the epitome of style and professionalism. She has an attention to detail surpassed only by her creativeness and friendly personality. As long as I am working in TV I will be working with Lynda Wood.

Eamonn Holmes

I think Lynda has a great sense of style and her warm personality makes her a pleasure to work with.

Annie Sweetbaum, Arlington Enterprises

Lynda is just fantastic whether she is styling for a presenter, full-on entertainment show or other events such as press launches or shoots. She can follow or set a brief and always goes the extra mile. She is on trend - and just as importantly these days - on budget! Your teams and clients will love working with her - she makes them feel and look gorgeous.

Donna Taberer, former Commissioner Sky and Channel 5

Costumes for Dance are not only about style and glamour they need to be designed and executed so they allow the dancer to move more freely. Lynda has always understood this and that's why I love working with her, in fact on one of my shows The Hot Shoe Show  for BBC Television she was nominated for a Bafta!

Wayne Sleep

Lynda manages to put you completely at ease and transform what might otherwise seem a daunting prospect  shopping! - into an enjoyable exercise. Her knowledge and keen eye mean that her recommendations are spot on, and she is able to steer you directly to the right shops to get exactly what you need. I found the whole experience very enjoyable  much to my surprise  and Lynda was a very supportive and fun companion to have.

I am very pleased with the final result  bang on brief and everything looks and feels perfect. I would recommend Lynda to anyone  as her knowledge of styles and specific suppliers is second to none and she makes the process interesting and enjoyable.

Andrew Baker, MD Rights T.V

Lynda Wood is one of the Television Industry's Premier League Costume Designers.  She has a fantastic eye for detail, she is brilliant with talent whether it be the biggest stars or a nervous member of the public.

She can make a little money go a long way. She always thinks out of the box and the end results are always stunning. Coupled with her cheery happy go lucky always smiling personality, Lynda is a fantastic asset to any production.

Richard Woolfe, Head of three channels and Richard Woolfe TV

I felt my wardrobe had got into a real rut.  It felt dated and in need of a make over, so for the first time in my life, I consulted a Stylist. Lynda came highly recommended from fellow colleagues.  I was impressed from the start!  Firstly, Lynda arrived looking very modern and stylish herself (always a good sign!). She had done her research on me.  I fully expected to have to go through a multitude of shops selecting things we both liked, to try on.  Not a bit of it. 

Lynda had already done the donkey work.  She had selected a full range of smart/casual outfits for me to try on. I was amazed at how, without having met before, she sussed out what I would be comfortable in, and also what would suit me - items I personally would not necessarily have contemplated, but loved! 

Lynda is an amazing stylist with a keen eye for colour and detail - not to mention your budget!  She is not in the slightest bit intimidating. We spent a fun day together and I left with a whole new selection of clothes (which have since been much admired).   I hugely enjoyed my day with her and feel as if, I left with a lovely new friend whom I will definately be keeping in touch with.

Carol Kirkwood, BBC Breakfast Weather Presenter

I have to say that I wasn't sure I needed any help in the style dept, but my afternoon with Lynda Wood, and subsequent comments on my dress sense proved me wrong! Lynda has a great eye and an easy manner and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Jonathan Edwards, BBC Athletics Presenter and Olympic Gold Medalist

Lynda has a clever eye to see what suits each person depending on the TV job they are doing.  She helped me take a closer look at what I was wearing on the news and to make a few 'tweaks' that didn't change who I am or the  seriousness of my role, but brought me bang up to date.

Her gentle, thoughtful and bubbly personality ensured that I felt at ease and comfortable when she suggested that I needed a change. Shopping for work wasn't a chore with Lynda, but fun!

Donna Traynor, Presenter BBC Northern Ireland

Not only is Lynda an absolute joy to work with but she is also brilliant at what she does. Whoever she brings into store always leaves looking absolutely dapper in the perfect suit for their body shape and personality.

Ariane Chui, Press Officer - Austin Reed Group




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